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Karin Fahlen

Karin Fahlén

Director of Stockholm Stories, Sweden

Q: What film inspired you to start a career as a filmmaker?

A: The early films my parents worked with, especially Bo Widerberg’s films. The magic seemed to evolve at the first meeting and advance rapidly onto the screen.

Q: Did you make Stockholm Stories with a specific audience in mind?

A: I made this film for an audience like myself—for people who wish to enter another world that also connects to their own everyday life.

Q: What memorable events happened during the production of Stockholm Stories?

A: When we were filming the power cut sequence at the power station, there was an unexplainable power outage, which had us waiting and waiting. Eventually there was light for us to turn off again.

Q: What did you learn from working on Stockholm Stories?

A: I learned that making a multi-plot film with no less than 33 actors (and even more locations) for your first movie may not be the easiest way to go, but certainly the most instructive.

Q: If you could work with any actor, living or dead, who would it be?

A: That would have to be a young Gena Rowlands.

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