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Cambodia and France

The Missing Picture The Missing Picture

Winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Un Certain Regard prize, this highly personal, moving account of director Rithy Panh’s own experiences of the Cambodian genocide addresses the lack of images of the government’s atrocities by creating its own. Intricately detailed clay figurines are employed to represent young Panh, his family, and many others brutally victimized by the Khmer Rouge in this inventive yet rigorous approach to a haunting subject.

French with English subtitles, 92


The Exhibition The Exhibition

In an attempt to deflect the public gaze away from Canada's most notorious serial killer and onto the lives of his victims, artist Pamela Masik creates paintings of the women killed by Robert Pickton. However, her work is quickly met with a backlash from the victims' families and the Vancouver Aboriginal community. Unafraid to confront moral ambiguity, this documentary examines every nuance of the debate over whether her work is art, tribute, or exploitation.


Honor Diaries Honor Diaries

Spurred on by the Arab Spring, nine courageous women’s rights advocates gather to discuss gender inequality and a long history of oppression. Provided a platform by filmmaker and human rights lawyer Paula Kweskin, these women speak from personal experience about the hardships women endure in Muslim-majority societies. This inspiring documentary gives voice to these women as they recount their efforts to effect change in their own communities and in the larger world.


Cochemare Cochemare

An astonishing blend of animation, live-action, and 3D effects, we travel from the mystical Forest of Storms to an International Space Station.

Part of Shorts 3: Midnight Mayhem


Peach Juice Peach Juice

A teenage boy develops a seriously awkward sexual attraction.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division

English, 8

Remember Me Remember Me

Matthieu’s desperate struggle to be remembered begins to threaten his relationships.

Part of Shorts 4: Our Lovers' Story

French, 15

Subconscious Password Subconscious Password

The embarrassment of forgetting an acquaintance’s name leads to a mind-bending romp.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division

English, 11


Grigris Grigris

Despite a paralyzed leg that keeps him on the fringes of society, Grigris comes alive at the local nightclub, tearing up the dance floor every night. When a relative’s hospital bills start piling up, Grigris must turn to the black market for work. After double-crossing his new boss in a desperate attempt at fast money, Grigris finds himself on the run in this sensitive depiction of a desperate, marginalized man by one of Africa’s most celebrated directors.

French and Arabic with English Subtitles, 101


Illiterate Illiterate

For fifty years, Ximena has managed to get by without being able to read. When Jackeline, a young unemployed teacher, unexpectedly comes into her life, Ximena’s isolation is disturbed. Jackeline’s efforts to teach Ximena how to read proves almost Herculean as they clash, but it soon becomes evident that the two women need each other in ways they could never predict. Two mesmerizing performances drive this intimate, engrossing chamber drama about learning and acceptance.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 73


The Blinding Sunlight The Blinding Sunlight

Three generations of men live together in a poor Beijing neighborhood: father Li drives an illegal motorcycle taxi; son Kai is trying to graduate before getting expelled; and Li’s father collects recyclables for petty cash. They do whatever it takes to get by, negotiating the systems of authority that rule their daily lives. With a raw visual style, this stark neo-realist drama presents a penetrating look at working-class life and the corruption and graft pervading every level of society.

Chinese with English Subtitles, 85

Mothers Mothers

In rural China, the job of enforcing the Communist Party's one-child policy falls on government bureaucrats tasked with imposing fines, birth control, and forced sterilizations. Xu Huijing documents this process in his native village of Ma, following the tenacious efforts of the local birth control chief during an increased sterilization quota period, revealing the absurd and tragic local consequences of high-level government policy.

Mandarin with English Subtitles, 68


Chasing Fireflies Chasing Fireflies

Manrique’s lonely existence watching over an abandoned salt mine in the remote Colombian Caribbean suits him just fine. Content in his isolation, with a dog that spends its nights chasing fireflies as his sole companion, his world is upended when his teenage daughter Valeria shows up as if out of nowhere. As the days pass, Valeria’s determined but cheerful presence forces Manrique out of his routine in this beautiful, understated story about family, love, and the small joys of life.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 100

Croatia and Serbia

The Priest's Children The Priest's Children

Troubled by his small island’s dwindling population, the young and dogmatic Father Fabijan teams up with the local pharmacist and newsstand vendor to take family planning into his own hands. Soon the picturesque island town is awash with pregnant women and shotgun marriages, and word of the island’s fertility turn it into a vacation spot for foreign tourists. The unintended consequences of the plan soon spin out of control in this irreverent, hilarious dark comedy.

Croatian with English Subtitles, 93


Melaza Melaza

With the closure of the local sugar mill, the picturesque Cuban town of Melaza has become desolate and lifeless. School teacher Aldo and now-unemployed Monica eke out a meager living, going as far as renting out their tiny home to the local prostitute for extra cash. When they get in trouble with the authorities, resulting fines lead to more desperate measures. This funny, heartfelt romantic drama explores the limits of love and trust in the face of hardship.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 80

Czech Republic

The Don Juans The Don Juans

A brilliantly-observed, hilarious sex farce from Czech New Wave master Jirí Menzel (Closely Watched Trains), The Don Juans looks at a small town opera company’s efforts to mount a production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. The eccentric director Vitek has unusual views on opera and uses the production as an excuse to bed every woman he meets. Passions flare onstage and behind the scenes as the small company prepares for a wholly unique adaptation of the Mozart classic.

Czech with subtitles, 98