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Whale Valley Whale Valley

The special bond between two brothers living in a remote fjord with their parents is explored.

Part of Shorts 7: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

Icelandic, 15


Go Goa Gone Go Goa Gone

A rollicking zombie rom-com, Go Goa Gone follows two stoner friends, Luv and Hardik, who are both having a rough time. In desperate need of a vacation, they tag along with their roommate Bunny on a trip to the gorgeous beaches of Goa. After following a beautiful woman to a remote island for a rave, they awake to discover the island’s population has turned into zombies. Along with a gun-toting Russian mobster, they must battle the undead hordes.

Hindi with English subtitles, 106

Monsoon Shootout Monsoon Shootout

As heavy monsoon rains lash the badlands of Mumbai, Adi, a rookie cop out on his first assignment, raises his gun in the face of a criminal and is suddenly faced with the most vital decision of his life: to shoot or not to shoot? Monsoon Shootout presents three alternate scenarios, each sending Adi on a on a spiraling journey downward that pits him against fate and a system mired in moral ambiguity.

Hindi with English subtitles, 88


Closed Curtain Closed Curtain

Filmed in secret in defiance of director Jafar Panahi’s 20-year filmmaking ban, Closed Curtain tells the story of a writer whose plans of working in seclusion are disrupted when strangers break into his home. Just as the situation between the mysterious, inquisitive visitors and the paranoid writer reaches its apparent resolution, the film takes a step back with a surreal blend of fiction and autobiographical documentary, as Panahi himself finds the fiction film bleeding into his everyday life.

Farsi with English subtitles, 106

Trapped Trapped

Moving to Tehran for her studies and desperate for a place to live, quiet, studious Nazanin rents a room from vivacious shop girl Sahar. Although the two are unlikely companions, Sahar coerces Nazanin into joining her circle of friends. When Sahar ends up in trouble, Nazanin is drawn into the complex web of debt and deceit surrounding her roommate. With pitch-perfect performances by the two female leads, Trapped draws an intelligent portrait of the subtleties of inter-personal power dynamics.

Farsi with English Subtitles, 92

Trucker and the Fox Trucker and the Fox

Newly released from a psychiatric hospital after a bout of severe depression brought on by the death of his pet fox, truck driver Mahmood Kiyani Falavarjani returns to his family, work, and favorite hobby - filmmaking. Having previously won awards for his short films starring his beloved, lamented fox, he sets out to film his most ambitious project yet: a love story between two donkeys. Arash Lahooti's sympathetic documentary captures Mahmood's fascinating life as family man, eccentric animal lover, and artist.

Farsi with English Subtitles, 78


Big Bad Wolves Big Bad Wolves

When the seemingly meek schoolteacher Dror is arrested - and then released due to a police blunder - as the lead suspect in a brutal child murder, renegade detective Miki and enraged grieving father Gidi take the law into their own hands in search of information and bloody justice. Their violent rage quickly spins out of control in this fantastically intense, darkly funny revenge thriller from the pioneers of Israeli horror cinema.

Hebrew with English Subtitles, 110

Snails in the Rain Snails in the Rain

In the summer of 1989, beautiful yet melancholy linguistics student Boaz finds his quiet life with his devoted girlfriend Noa derailed when he begins receiving amorous letters from a closeted secret male admirer. Both flattered and troubled, Boaz is thrown into a profound internal conflict, questioning his own sexuality and alienating Noa in this tender, affecting drama.

Hebrew with English subtitles, 85

Tap To Retry Tap To Retry

Human behavior in an era of information overload is explored.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division



Divorce, Italian Style Divorce, Italian Style

Baron Ferdinando Cefalù (Marcello Mastroianni) longs to marry his nubile young cousin Angela, but one obstacle stands in his way: his fatuous and fawning wife, Rosalia. His solution? Since divorce is illegal, he hatches a plan to lure his spouse into the arms of another and then murder her in a justifiable effort to save his honor. Director Pietro Germi’s (Seduced And Abandoned) hilarious and cutting satire of Sicilian male-chauvinist culture was awarded the 1962 Academy Award® for Best Original Screenplay.

Year: 1961

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


Amarcord Amarcord

Winner of the Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film and called Fellini’s “final great film” by Roger Ebert, this surreal quasi-autobiographical comedy follows adolescent prankster Titta’s childhood in the quaint, eccentric village of Borgo San Giuliano in Mussolini’s Italy. A joyous, often nostalgic, account of Titta’s fantasies, family feuds, and seemingly fantastical adventures, Fellini’s dreamlike masterpiece lovingly pays tribute to village life, and to the wonderful embellishments that cloud our memories.

Year: 1973

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


The Mass Is Ended The Mass Is Ended

After a decade of seclusion, young, idealistic priest Don Giulio is assigned to his first parish. But when he returns to Rome to find that even his own friends and family have readily succumbed to the Deadly Sins, he wonders if the town is afflicted with more problems than he alone can fix. The Mass Is Ended is a thoughtful comedic look at problems of the heart and soul from beloved writer-director-star Nanni Moretti (Caro Diario, We Have A Pope).

Year: 1985

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


Bread and Tulips Bread and Tulips

When her neglectful family forgets her at a highway restaurant during a family vacation, housewife Rosalba grasps the opportunity to take her own vacation to Venice. But as she gets comfortable and finds love, leaving her old life behind and making her detour a permanent fix becomes increasingly tempting. Rosalba’s journey in Bread and Tulips sets off a comical and touching domino effect that helps her, as well as those around her, to rediscover passion and adventure in life.

Year: 2000

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


Miele Miele

This tautly written drama follows Irene - nicknamed “Miele” (Italian for “Honey”) - as she treads legal and moral boundaries performing assisted suicides on elderly hospital patients. Progressively de-humanized and alienated, Irene finds what’s left of her morals challenged when she is approached by a depressed, fatalistic, yet physically healthy architect who has lost his will to live. A thought-provoking, humanistic character study featuring sharp, sensitive performances, Miele represents a mature and capable directorial debut from celebrated actress Valeria Golino (Respiro).

Italian with English Subtitles, 96

Sadourní’s Butterflies Sadourní’s Butterflies

Thrown in jail for a violent crime of passion, dwarf and former circus performer Sadourní finds re-assimilation difficult upon his release. Quickly realizing that society holds his height against him, Sadourní goes to tortuous extremes for a “treatment” that will alter his physical appearance, allowing him to fit in and to gain the attention of the woman he loves. A surrealistic melodrama reminiscent of Fellini and Jodorowsky, Sadourní’s Butterflies endows its strange, magical subject with hallucinatory beauty.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 94

Salvo Salvo

Mafia hitman Salvo is solitary, callous, and ruthless. His deep-rooted cold-bloodedness is tested, however, when, on a job, he comes across his target’s sister, a blind woman named Rita. Disturbed by her unseeing stare, Salvo cannot bring himself to silence the potential witness. In choosing to spare her, he must become her protector. The once amoral Salvo must risk his life to save hers in this masterfully executed story of love and redemption.

Italian with English Subtitles, 104

Viva La Libertà Viva La Libertà

When Enrico (Tony Servillo), the leader of Italy’s opposition party, abandons politics and disappears without a trace, the party leadership finds itself at a loss - until they uncover his long-estranged mad genius lookalike brother, Giovanni, fresh out of a mental institution. Passing perfectly for Enrico, Giovanni quickly garners overwhelming public support with his bracingly candid political ravings. Equal parts absurdist and contemplative, Viva la Libertà offers a droll satire of contemporary Italian politics.

Italian with English subtitles, 94

Italy / France

Dracula 3D Dracula 3D

A gleeful homage to Bram Stoker’s classic novel from legendary horror auteur Dario Argento (Suspiria) with the master’s distinctive twist on the familiar story, Dracula 3D focuses its story on the characters of Mina and Lucy, two women in the Count’s erotic thrall. When the shape shifting Count sets his sights on Mina, and then Lucy, neither woman can resist his sinister charms, although failure to do so means joining the ranks of the undead. Director Dario Argento scheduled to attend.


There Will Come A Day There Will Come A Day

After a series of devastating events, the beautiful young Augusta leaves Italy for Brazil to work as a missionary among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. When her dissatisfaction with the Church reaches a breaking point, she settles with a family in a port favela hoping to lead a more authentic life, far removed from her painful past. Filled with astonishing imagery, this gorgeous, meditative film follows Augusta’s spiritual quest in search of meaning and solace.

Italian and Portuguese with English Subtitles, 109

Ivory Coast

Burn It Up Djassa Burn It Up Djassa

Shot on a miniscule budget but positively bursting with style and energy, this hugely inventive DIY crime thriller follows Tony, a young cigarette seller in an Abidjan ghetto. Ignoring the pleas of his policeman brother to stay on the right side of the law, Tony gets increasingly mixed up in local gambling and criminal activities until a moment of violence puts him on the run from the law.

French and Nouchi (Ivorian dialect) with English Subtitles, 70