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Infiltrators Infiltrators

At the wall separating Israel and Palestine, artist and filmmaker Khaled Jarrar and his small, handheld camera observe people making the dangerous, difficult cross into Israel under constant threat of discovery by patrolling border guards, and the smugglers that assist them. With urgency and immediacy, Jarrar documents their efforts in this raw and endlessly compelling film that captures the struggle and determination of those whose lives have been forever disrupted by the wall.

Arabic with English Subtitles, 70


Melaza Melaza

With the closure of the local sugar mill, the picturesque Cuban town of Melaza has become desolate and lifeless. School teacher Aldo and now-unemployed Monica eke out a meager living, going as far as renting out their tiny home to the local prostitute for extra cash. When they get in trouble with the authorities, resulting fines lead to more desperate measures. This funny, heartfelt romantic drama explores the limits of love and trust in the face of hardship.

Spanish with English Subtitles, 80


Floating Skyscrapers Floating Skyscrapers

When the self-assured Kuba, a promising swimmer who lives with his gorgeous girlfriend, meets shy young student Michal, he finds himself falling in love. But his family’s overwhelmingly negative response to his new relationship compounds his own deep-seated internal conflicts and insecurities. Kuba attempts to find peace and fulfillment while keeping one foot in the closet in this moving depiction of the psychic turmoil wrought by homophobia.

Polish with English Subtitles, 93

In The Name Of… In The Name Of…

Catholic priest Adam works at a home for troubled boys in the isolated Polish countryside. Deeply committed to the Church, Adam’s convictions are thrown into turmoil when his close bond with a young teen named Łukasz forces his repressed homosexuality to the surface. Desperate to keep his secret but increasingly confronted by his desires, Adam must face who he is and who he has chosen to be in this humane, non-judgmental portrait of an earnest priest in conflict.

Polish with English Subtitles, 102

Life Feels Good Life Feels Good

Mateusz is an intelligent, romantic young man tragically trapped inside his own body, suffering from severe cerebral palsy that makes speech and controlled movement nearly impossible. Born into a loving family, Mateusz’s protected world is shattered when circumstances place him in an institution where he is misunderstood and mistreated. Featuring an astonishing, virtuoso lead performance, Life Feels Good beautifully recounts the true story of one man’s extraordinary efforts to endure in the face of impossible odds.

Polish with English Subtitles, 107

Papusza Papusza

From the celebrated directors of My Nikifor comes a stunning account of the life of Papusza, Poland’s first celebrated Roma poet. Jowita Budnik gives a masterful lead performance, fully inhabiting the poetess over five decades as she finds and refines her voice against the backdrop of the Nazi invasion, subsequent Communist persecution, and eventual excommunication from her Roma community. Exquisitely filmed with painterly precision, this ravishing biopic pays tribute to a beloved but under-recognized literary figure.

Roma Language and Polish with English Subtitles, 131

Walesa: Man Of Hope Walesa: Man Of Hope

Lech Wałęsa, an electrician, husband, and new father, works at the Gdansk shipyard. Arrested at a protest, Walesa discovers that he is a born leader. When he speaks, people respond, and he soon becomes the voice and face of the growing solidarity movement. Aware of the dangers his position entails, he is still determined to fight for his country. Legendary director Andrzej Wajda (Ashes and Diamonds) tells the inspiring story of a Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader.

Polish and Italian with English Subtitles, 127

Ziegenort Ziegenort

Fish Boy struggles for acceptance in a remote fishing village.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division


Poland and Spain

Lasting Lasting

Love-struck college students who meet on a working summer holiday in the idyllic Spanish countryside, Michal and Karina’s blissful moment of first love is cut short when Michal has a fateful - and shocking - encounter with a stranger. When Michal reveals his secret to Karina, their lives are thrown into chaos. With gorgeous, award-winning cinematography, the film sensitively explores the devastating fallout of Michal’s actions as their relationship is put to the test and the future grows increasingly unpredictable.

Polish and Spanish with English Subtitles, 93