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Monday – Oct 15, 2012

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3:15pm – Black's Game

Black's Game

A nitro-fueled narco-thriller from director Oskar Thor Axelsson and executive producer Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Black’s Game chronicles the evolution of Iceland’s homegrown drug industry from boutique trade to deadly big business. Stebbi sets out to take over the Reykjavik drug trade by any means necessary. Axelsson captures the drug-induced rhythm of Stebbi and his cohorts in this stylish, thrilling tale of Reykjavik’s criminal underground.

Icelandic with subtitles 104 min

3:30pm – Bad Seeds

Bad Seeds

A tight, atmospheric thriller starring real-life father and son Charles (Summer Hours) and Émile Berling (A Christmas Tale) as a high school principal and his troubled son, Bad Seeds follows teenager Louis as he and his friend Greg kidnap their English teacher. Much to Louis’ horror, this act of naïve rebellion deteriorates into horrible violence as Greg’s cruel sadism manifests itself. As the crime progresses, Louis’ troubled family history comes to light.

French with subtitles 95 min

5:30pm – After Lucia

After Lucia

Teenager Alé (short for “Alejandra”) is mourning her mother and lonely in a new school. When a video emerges of her drunkenly having sex in a bathroom, she immediately becomes a target for the popular kids. Their torments grow in intensity and cruelty, wearing down the weary Alé’s resistance. After Lucia’s intense, shocking exploration of the violent effects of bullying earned it the prestigious Un Certain Regard prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Spanish with subtitles 102 min

5:45pm – Marie Kroyer

Marie Kroyer

Married to one of Denmark’s most celebrated 19th century painters, Marie Krøyer’s life is both privileged and fraught. With artistic aspirations of her own, Marie struggles to discover her identity while managing her husband’s increasingly erratic behavior and begins to look outside of her marriage for affirmation and autonomy. But at what cost? This beautifully crafted period drama presents a compelling portrait of a woman ahead of her time.

Danish with subtitles 103 min

5:45pm – War Witch

War Witch

A remarkable, inspiring story of human resilience, War Witch tells the story of Komona, a 14-year-old girl whose life took a drastic, tragic turn when armed rebels stormed her village. Forced to join the rebel army and endure brutal training, Komona learns to survive, and even falls in love. Although she wishes to forget, the now-pregnant Komona realizes she must reconcile herself with her painful past.

French and Lingala with subtitles 90 min

6:00pm – Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica

Once Upon a Time Was I, Veronica

Just out of medical school, Veronica takes a challenging position at a local public hospital. Full of doubts and insecurity and reluctant to give up her sense of freedom, she finds herself questioning her career, personal, and romantic choices. When her beloved father is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she must face her adult responsibilities head on.

Portuguese with subtitles 90 min

6:00pm – Shameless


In an incendiary story of love, desire, and betrayal between siblings, the rebellious young Tadek returns to sister Anka’s home in search of solace and affection. Bound together by a painful shared family history, brother and sister must find a way to break free in order to survive. This formidable debut fearlessly yet tenderly explores one of society’s last taboos.

Polish with subtitles 80 min

6:15pm – A Caretaker's Tale

A Caretaker's Tale

Harsh and bitter, apartment caretaker Per despises everyone and everything around him until he comes across a mysterious naked girl in an empty apartment. She doesn’t know how to talk, walk, or even eat - she just smiles broadly. Per soon discovers that she has miraculous sexual powers. Perhaps just as startling, he finds himself caring deeply for this beautiful cypher in a perverse, unexpected fairy tale about love, possession, and generosity.

Danish with subtitles 87 min

6:15pm – Any Day Now

Any Day Now

In the late 1970s, when a mentally handicapped teenager is abandoned, a gay couple - a drag performer (Alan Cumming) and a closeted attorney (Garret Dillahunt) - takes him in and becomes the family he’s never had. But, once the unconventional living arrangement is discovered by authorities, the men must fight a biased legal system to adopt the child they have come to care for as their own in this gripping testament to love and family.

English 97 min

8:00pm – The Exam

The Exam

In late 1950’s Hungary, Andras supervises a network of civilians spying on their neighbors and coworkers. But little does he know that the government is monitoring him as well. His superiors have chosen Christmas Eve to implement “the exam”, an obscure procedure designed to challenge an agent’s loyalty without his or her knowledge. Nothing can be taken for granted in this world of intense secrecy and perpetual surveillance.

Hungarian with subtitles 89 min

8:00pm – The Repentant

The Repentant

Repentant terrorist Rashid uses the declaration of national amnesty as an opportunity to reform and re-enter productive civilian life. Settling back into his hometown, however, proves dangerous as he is menaced by angry neighbors whose families have been torn apart by terrorist attacks. Rashid must navigate these treacherous waters while trying to start a new life in this thriller that confronts the moral and practical complications of reconciliation.

Arabic with subtitles 87 min

8:15pm – La Playa DC

La Playa DC

Tomás, an Afro-Colombian teenager driven from his home by war, settles with his brothers in the section of Bogota known (ironically) as “La Playa.” Working as a barber’s apprentice, Tomás is just beginning to find a place for himself when his younger brother Jairo disappears. Tomás must make a risk-filled journey in search of Jairo, a rite of passage that forces him to find, and earn, his own identity in this impressive, wonderfully energetic debut film.

Spanish with subtitles 90 min

8:15pm – Off White Lies

Off White Lies

In this bittersweet family comedy, shy teenager Libby moves back to Israel to live with her hapless father Shaul, unexpectedly finding herself without a home as war breaks out around them. Shaul devises a creative solution: posing as refugees, they are taken in by a wealthy family in Jerusalem. Finally in a “normal” household, Shaul and Libby begin to build their father-daughter relationship, but their false identities can’t last forever.

Hebrew with subtitles 86 min

8:30pm – Beyond the Hills

Beyond the Hills

Mungiu, who took Cannes’ top prize in 2007 with 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, returns to feature filmmaking with another gripping existential drama. Inspired by the real-life horror of a modern-day exorcism-gone-wrong, Mungiu follows two friends, Voichita and Alina, whose lives have taken them down drastically different paths. When the pair reconnects, Voichita’s stern, oppressive monastery proves to be a harsh, claustrophobic and ultimately tragic environment for Alina.

Romanian with subtitles 150 min

8:30pm – The Cleaner

The Cleaner

In the midst of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated Lima’s population and shows no signs of abating, Eusebio - a forensic cleaner whose job is to remove corpses and sterilize the apartments of the dead - discovers an eight-year-old boy hiding in an uninhabited house. A grizzled loner who’s never been able to relate to people, Eusebio suddenly finds that he must care for the boy as civilization crumbles around them in this quietly compelling dystopian drama.

Spanish with subtitles 95 min

8:30pm – Student


Following up his adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, Darezhan Omirbaev returns to Russian literature, this time adapting Crime and Punishment to modern-day Kazhakstan. Goaded on by a lecture on modern capitalism, a philosophy student murders a local shopkeeper and must ponder the moral and philosophical implications of his actions. This much-adapted story is brought to new light in Post-Communist Kazhakstan, where crime and corruption have lingered following the transition to capitalism.

Student is co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and is part of the Global Lens 2013 film series. For more information, visit

Kazakh and Russian with subtitles 90 min

10:30pm – Citadel


A vicious attack on his wife leaves Tommy Cowley a nervous, paranoid wreck, terrified of leaving his house. When he finally dares to venture outside, he finds that the responsible gang is still at large. Convinced that these feral youths want to kidnap his baby daughter, he joins forces with a renegade priest for protection. A gothic, malevolent atmosphere pervades this dark, suspenseful tale, drawing us deeper into the protagonist’s tortured mind and increasing psychosis.

English 84 min