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Monday – Oct 21, 2013

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1:00pm – A Pact

A Pact

A dark psychological thriller, A Pact tells the twisted story of a contentious love triangle. As teenagers, Paul tricked Georg into handing over his girlfriend Anna to him. Georg agrees, on the condition that he can have her back whenever he wishes. After decades of silence, when Anna and Paul have a family together, Georg suddenly re-appears. Strange things start happening to Paul, and it soon becomes clear that Georg has not forgotten the pact.

German with English Subtitles 83

1:45pm – Bluebird


The quiet lives in a small logging town in northern Maine are irrevocably changed when a seemingly minor oversight leads to tragedy in the dead of winter. Lesley (Steppenwolf’s Amy Morton), a school bus driver, is overwhelmed with remorse, while her husband (Mad Men’s John Slattery) offers little solace. Another family grieves its own immeasurable loss and must deal with questions of culpability. Gorgeously shot in a severe, unforgiving landscape, Bluebird presents a moving meditation on family, responsibility, and redemption.


2:00pm – Imbabazi: The Pardon

Imbabazi: The Pardon

Best friends Manzi and Karemera find themselves on opposing sides in Rwanda’s ethnic civil war, with Tutsi Karemera’s family paying a horrific price for Manzi’s allegiance to his Hutu heritage. When Manzi is released from prison fifteen years later, his return re-opens old wounds. Filmmaker Joel Karekezi draws from his own experience as a survivor of Rwanda’s violence in creating this moving account of two former friends who must contend with the unimaginable horrors in their past.


3:00pm – Borgman


Driven by the authorities from his underground hideout, the enigmatic Camiel Borgman is on the run. Covered in dirt, he arrives at Marina and Richard’s large suburban estate asking to use their shower, thus beginning a game of sly calculation as he insinuates himself into their home. He soon starts to manipulate the family with almost preternatural charisma as his more sinister plans make themselves known in this chilling demonic tale.

Dutch with English Subtitles 113

3:00pm – Memories They Told Me

Memories They Told Me

Old friends, all onetime members of Brazil's radical resistance, come together around Ana, the charismatic, fearless heart of their circle, now on her deathbed. As they think back on their choices and the paths they have tread, Ana’s spirit is a constant presence, reminding them of their failed utopia and their shared, mythologized past. This Brazilian Big Chill passionately reflects on revolution and terrorism, love and sex, and the compromises that time exacts.

Portuguese with English Subtitles 95

3:30pm – Under The Rainbow

Under The Rainbow

Agnès Jaoui (Look At Me) returns with a witty, charming modern-day mélange of familiar fairy tales. Jaoui populates her film with delightful variations on well-worn tropes - shoes lost at midnight, big bad wolves, evil stepmothers, fairy godmothers - in telling the story of Laura, who must choose between two Prince Charmings as they, and their families, deal with the tragicomic complications of romance.

French with English subtitles 112

4:00pm – Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth

Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth

Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth tells the extraordinary story of one of America’s greatest living writers, from her childhood in a family of Georgia sharecroppers to a distinguished career as an activist and author. The first black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Color Purple, Walker found herself at the center of a national controversy surrounding the book and the film adaptation’s depiction of the relationship between black women and the men in their lives.


4:00pm – Panel 7: Documentary: Current Fundraising Models

Panel 7: Documentary: Current Fundraising Models

A group of documentary filmmakers and funding organizations discuss current trends in fundraising and best practices and strategies for effective documentary financing models.


Kathy Im, Director of the Media, Culture and Special Initiatives Program of the MacArthur Foundation

Cynthia López, Executive Vice President/Co-Executive Producer of the POV documentary series

Rahdi Taylor, Film Fund Director, Documentary Film Program, Sundance Institute

This is a FREE event! Tickets must be obtained from box office.


5:30pm – Soul


In this deeply unsettling psychological thriller, A-Chuan, a quiet young chef, unexpectedly collapses one night and becomes catatonic. When he finally awakens in his childhood mountain home, he doesn’t seem quite like himself, as if he is possessed. As he evinces unstable and even dangerous tendencies, his father grows more and more wary until A-Chuan’s strange, violent behavior sets off a sequence of chilling events in the remote, hazy alpine locale.

Mandarin with English Subtitles 112

5:45pm – Harmony Lessons

Harmony Lessons

Writer-director Emir Baigazin announces himself as a major new voice with this startling, ecstatically received debut feature. 13-year-old Aslan lives with his grandmother in rural Kazakhstan, where young thugs run the local schoolyard like an extortion racket, systematically bullying children for their money. After a humiliating incident during a medical examination, Aslan becomes a social outcast, growing increasingly isolated until he decides to take grim revenge on his tormentors. Warning: contains scenes of animal violence.

Kazakh / Russian with English Subtitles 115

5:45pm – Viva La Libertà

Viva La Libertà

When Enrico (Tony Servillo), the leader of Italy’s opposition party, abandons politics and disappears without a trace, the party leadership finds itself at a loss - until they uncover his long-estranged mad genius lookalike brother, Giovanni, fresh out of a mental institution. Passing perfectly for Enrico, Giovanni quickly garners overwhelming public support with his bracingly candid political ravings. Equal parts absurdist and contemplative, Viva la Libertà offers a droll satire of contemporary Italian politics.

Italian with English subtitles 94

6:00pm – Domestic


A lighter take on the Romanian New Wave, Adrian Sitaru's wry comedy presents the exploits of three families living in a single building. All share a love for (or malice towards) various domestic and/or edible animals, which somehow keep finding a way of bringing out strains within their families. Sitaru captures this all with a formal precision attuned to both the slyly hilarious comedic timing of each scene and the expressive potential of long-take aesthetics.

Romanian with English Subtitles 85

6:00pm – The Dinner

The Dinner

From people large and small, young and old, regulars and tourists, married and single, Flora’s middle class Italian restaurant seats all types. A charmingly told and well-oiled comedy, The Dinner filters the cacophony of an evening at the restaurant into the stories of 40-odd characters - customers and staff alike - and allows us a glimpse into their frustrations, celebrations, jealousies, and lives until the “OPEN” sign is switched off.

Year: 1998

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.


6:00pm – Stop-Over


Learning that his cousin Mohsen has left Iran illegally, filmmaker Kaveh Bakhtiari travels to Athens, a common middle ground for undocumented migrants hoping to reach other European countries. Stop-Over captures the constant tension of these immigrants’ everyday lives in the shadows, where every trip outside a crowded safe house is fraught with the danger of arrest and deportation, in a powerful first-person account of life lived under the radar.

French, Farsi with English Subtitles 104

6:00pm – Scud - Q Hugo recipient

Scud - Q Hugo recipient

Coming to filmmaking relatively late after two decades in the business world, Hong Kong-based filmmaker Scud has quickly established himself as a fearless presence in world cinema with taboo-defying films such as Permanent Residence (2009), Amphetamine (2010), and Love Actually... Sucks! (2011). His sensual, surreal films mix sadness and sexuality, unabashedly exploring gay erotics.

The award will be presented at the Q Hugo Film Awards.

Scud is the first recipient of the Q Hugo and will be presenting his newest film, Voyage, at the Festival on 10/20 and 10/22.

6:00pm – Q Hugo Film Awards

Q Hugo Film Awards

Join us as we celebrate an evening of LGBTQ excellence in film, music and dance!

The celebration will take place at:

The Center on Halsted
3656 N. Halsted St.

6:00pm: Cocktail reception and hors d' oeuvres on the rooftop terrace
7:30pm: Awards ceremony with special tribute to Q Hugo honoree, filmmaker Scud, and live performances by:
World Music Singer/Songwriter: Sandra Antongiorgi
The Legendary Joel Hall Dancers
Reigning Miss Continental 2014: Naysha Lopez
9:00pm: After-party at Sidetrack, 3349 N. Halsted St.

6:15pm – There Will Come A Day

There Will Come A Day

After a series of devastating events, the beautiful young Augusta leaves Italy for Brazil to work as a missionary among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. When her dissatisfaction with the Church reaches a breaking point, she settles with a family in a port favela hoping to lead a more authentic life, far removed from her painful past. Filled with astonishing imagery, this gorgeous, meditative film follows Augusta’s spiritual quest in search of meaning and solace.

Italian and Portuguese with English Subtitles 109

7:00pm – Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge

Comedian Steve Coogan reprises his most beloved character, monumentally self-absorbed DJ Alan Partridge, in this long-awaited big screen adaptation. After being laid off following a corporate takeover, Alan’s colleague Pat takes their radio station hostage. At Pat’s request, Alan is called in by the authorities to negotiate. Inside the station, Alan’s complete lack of effectiveness does nothing to deflate his ego, which is swelling due to his central role in a national news story.


8:00pm – Mothers


In rural China, the job of enforcing the Communist Party's one-child policy falls on government bureaucrats tasked with imposing fines, birth control, and forced sterilizations. Xu Huijing documents this process in his native village of Ma, following the tenacious efforts of the local birth control chief during an increased sterilization quota period, revealing the absurd and tragic local consequences of high-level government policy.

Mandarin with English Subtitles 68

8:00pm – Sex, Drugs, and Taxation

Sex, Drugs, and Taxation

The true story of an unlikely friendship between a radical libertarian and a hedonistic capitalist, this unconventional biopic follows two outsiders who bond despite antithetical worldviews. Simon Spies was one of Denmark’s most powerful tycoons whose enormous appetite for sex and drugs was legendary. Mogens Glistrup was a right-wing provocateur who built a political career on anti-tax activism. Director Christoffer Boe (Allegro) traces their remarkably colorful, volatile history together in this hugely entertaining story of two larger-than-life figures.

Danish with English Subtitles 110

8:15pm – Trapped


Moving to Tehran for her studies and desperate for a place to live, quiet, studious Nazanin rents a room from vivacious shop girl Sahar. Although the two are unlikely companions, Sahar coerces Nazanin into joining her circle of friends. When Sahar ends up in trouble, Nazanin is drawn into the complex web of debt and deceit surrounding her roommate. With pitch-perfect performances by the two female leads, Trapped draws an intelligent portrait of the subtleties of inter-personal power dynamics.

Farsi with English Subtitles 92

8:30pm – Heli


Factory worker Heli lives a modest life with his father and his sister Estela in rural Mexico. In a misguided attempt to finance his elopement with the 12-year-old Estela, police cadet Beto steals two large packages of cocaine, setting off a string of increasingly bloody, painful, and even fatal consequences. Awarded the prize for Best Director at Cannes, Heli takes an unflinching look at the cycle of drugs and violence in contemporary Mexico, depicting immense brutality with shocking frankness. Warning: this film contains extreme violence.

Spanish with English Subtitles 95

8:30pm – Something Necessary

Something Necessary

Anne struggles to rebuild her life after Kenya’s civil unrest has killed her husband, gravely injured her son, and left her isolated farm in ruins. Joseph, a quiet and troubled young gang member who took part in the countrywide violence, is drawn to Anne and her farm, seemingly in search of connection and redemption. This powerful story of forgiveness and reconciliation presents an intimate look at the aftermath of violence on both perpetrators and victims.

Swahili with English Subtitles 85

8:45pm – Burn It Up Djassa

Burn It Up Djassa

Shot on a miniscule budget but positively bursting with style and energy, this hugely inventive DIY crime thriller follows Tony, a young cigarette seller in an Abidjan ghetto. Ignoring the pleas of his policeman brother to stay on the right side of the law, Tony gets increasingly mixed up in local gambling and criminal activities until a moment of violence puts him on the run from the law.

French and Nouchi (Ivorian dialect) with English Subtitles 70

8:45pm – Floating Skyscrapers

Floating Skyscrapers

When the self-assured Kuba, a promising swimmer who lives with his gorgeous girlfriend, meets shy young student Michal, he finds himself falling in love. But his family’s overwhelmingly negative response to his new relationship compounds his own deep-seated internal conflicts and insecurities. Kuba attempts to find peace and fulfillment while keeping one foot in the closet in this moving depiction of the psychic turmoil wrought by homophobia.

Polish with English Subtitles 93