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Payne, Alexander

Nebraska Nebraska

After receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail, a cantankerous father (Bruce Dern) thinks he’s struck it rich, and wrangles his son (Will Forte) into taking a road trip to claim the fortune. Shot in black and white across four states, Nebraska tells the stories of family life in the heartland of America. Also starring Stacy Keach, June Squibb, and Bob Odenkirk.


Peck, Cecilia

Brave Miss World Brave Miss World

Just before winning the Miss World beauty pageant in 1998, Linor Abargil was held captive, stabbed, and violently raped. Ten years later, Abargil resolves to confront her past and reach out to other survivors, encouraging women around the world to speak out. Director Cecilia Peck (Shut Up & Sing) follows Abargil as she speaks with teens in South Africa, visits campuses in the US, and returns to Italy for the first time since her attack in search of closure.

English, Hebrew, Italian with English subtitles, 92

Percival, Brian

The Book Thief The Book Thief

Based on the beloved bestselling book, The Book Thief tells the inspirational story of a spirited and courageous young girl who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with a foster family in World War II Germany. With Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech), Emily Watson (Gosford Park), and introducing Sophie Nélisse. The screenplay was written by Michael Petroni based on the novel by Markus Zusak, and produced by Karen Rosenfelt, p.g.a., and Ken Lancato, p.g.a.


Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio

Salvo Salvo

Mafia hitman Salvo is solitary, callous, and ruthless. His deep-rooted cold-bloodedness is tested, however, when, on a job, he comes across his target’s sister, a blind woman named Rita. Disturbed by her unseeing stare, Salvo cannot bring himself to silence the potential witness. In choosing to spare her, he must become her protector. The once amoral Salvo must risk his life to save hers in this masterfully executed story of love and redemption.

Italian with English Subtitles, 104

Pieprzyca, Maciej

Life Feels Good Life Feels Good

Mateusz is an intelligent, romantic young man tragically trapped inside his own body, suffering from severe cerebral palsy that makes speech and controlled movement nearly impossible. Born into a loving family, Mateusz’s protected world is shattered when circumstances place him in an institution where he is misunderstood and mistreated. Featuring an astonishing, virtuoso lead performance, Life Feels Good beautifully recounts the true story of one man’s extraordinary efforts to endure in the face of impossible odds.

Polish with English Subtitles, 107

Pitstra, Alex

Die Welt Die Welt

In the summer of 2011, Tunisia is finally free of its dictatorial shackles, but 23-year-old Abdallah is still a slave to his mundane life, dreaming of an escape to Europe - or “die Welt” - to fulfill his dormant ambitions. Following a chance encounter with Dutch tourist Anna, Abdallah’s passion to reach the other side of the Mediterranean burns brighter than ever before, prompting a desperate gamble for escape in this at turns comic and heartbreaking story.

English, Arabic and Dutch with English Subtitles, 80

Please, Michael

Marilyn Myller Marilyn Myller

The heroine is trying really hard to create something, but can expectation and reality ever truly align?

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division

English, 6

Plympton, Bill

Drunker Than A Skunk Drunker Than A Skunk

A cowboy town torments the local drunk.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division

English, 4

Polsky, Alan and Gabe

The Motel Life The Motel Life

This haunting melodrama from Chicago filmmakers Gabe and Alan Polsky follows Frank (Emile Hirsch) and Jerry Lee Flannigan, brothers who scrape out a paltry living, working odd jobs and drinking hard while living in a motel. Everything changes after a hit-and-run accident sends them on the lam, making their way to the home of Frank’s old flame Annie (Dakota Fanning). Although they seem to be safe from the law, Jerry Lee’s instability and all-consuming guilt renders their future increasingly uncertain.


Popakul, Tomasz

Ziegenort Ziegenort

Fish Boy struggles for acceptance in a remote fishing village.

Part of Shorts 2: Animation - Cel Division


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