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Bread and Tulips

Bread and Tulips

Directors: Silvio Soldini
114 min
Comedy Italian Style
Comedy Focus

When her neglectful family forgets her at a highway restaurant during a family vacation, housewife Rosalba grasps the opportunity to take her own vacation to Venice. But as she gets comfortable and finds love, leaving her old life behind and making her detour a permanent fix becomes increasingly tempting. Rosalba’s journey in Bread and Tulips sets off a comical and touching domino effect that helps her, as well as those around her, to rediscover passion and adventure in life.

Year: 2000

Part of Comedy, Italian Style: This year, the Festival celebrates Italian cinema with a look back at beloved comedies covering five decades.

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Silvio Soldini
Year of Italian Culture
Italian Film Commission
Casale de Giglio
Italian Cultural Institute