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Comrade President

Comrade President

Original Title: Camarada Presidente
Directors: Mosco Kamwendo
Portuguese with English Subtitles
90 min
Spotlight Africa

An inspiring portrait of Mozambique’s founding president, Comrade President traces the life and legacy of revolutionary leader Samora Moisés Machel. At the forefront of a popular uprising, Machel helped establish a fledgling government and continued fighting for justice until his suspicious death in 1986. With candid interviews from those who knew Machel best - including his opponents - this documentary examines the indelible legacy of a revolutionary hero.

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Producer: Marilia Angove and Mosco Kamwendo

Film Format: DCP

Show Times

Get your ticket here Director Mosco Kamwendo Scheduled to Attend
Get your ticket here Director Mosco Kamwendo Scheduled to Attend
Harper Theater (5238 S. Harper)
Mosco Kamwendo


Mosco Kamwendo is a Filmmaker and Academic Researcher of Zimbabwean origin, who lives in the United Kingdom. His film career started in the late 80’s a trainee on numerous American and British films that came to use Zimbabwe as a location. The films he worked on include Cry Freedom (Steve Biko 1987), The Power of One (1992), and Bopha(1993). In 1994 he completed an advanced scriptwriting and film directing course at UNESCO

Screenplay: Mosco

Producer: Marilia Angove and Mosco Kamwendo

Editor: Justin Kennaugh

Production Companies: JM Productions

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation