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Directors: Amat Escalante
Spanish with English Subtitles
95 min
World Cinema
Cinema of the Americas

Factory worker Heli lives a modest life with his father and his sister Estela in rural Mexico. In a misguided attempt to finance his elopement with the 12-year-old Estela, police cadet Beto steals two large packages of cocaine, setting off a string of increasingly bloody, painful, and even fatal consequences. Awarded the prize for Best Director at Cannes, Heli takes an unflinching look at the cycle of drugs and violence in contemporary Mexico, depicting immense brutality with shocking frankness. Warning: this film contains extreme violence.

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Producer: Jaime Romandia / Mantarraya

Principal Cast: Armando Espitia & Andrea Vergara

Film Format: DCP

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Amat Escalante

Screenplay: Amat Escalante & Gabriel Reyes

Producer: Jaime Romandia / Mantarraya

Editor: Natalia López

Principal Cast: Armando Espitia & Andrea Vergara

Production Companies: Mantarraya Producciones