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Medium Cool

Medium Cool

Directors: Haskell Wexler
144 min
Special Presentation

Two-time Oscar®-winner Haskell Wexler presents his legendary film about a reporter who becomes embroiled in the violence at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Shot in Chicago during the convention, the film blurs the lines between staged and documentary action. The screening will also include Wexler’s brand new Medium Cool Revisited (2013), a short documentary comparing his classic film to Chicago’s recent NATO protests. TV newsman Walter Jacobson will lead a Q&A with Wexler after the screening.

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Haskell Wexler


One of the most influential cameramen the cinema has ever known, the Chicago-born Wexler started working on industrial films in his hometown. America, America (1963), shot for director Elia Kazan, remains a moving black and white film. Wexler's five Academy Award nominations came for his work on his first feature documentary, The Living City; a short film - T for Tumbleweed; Milos Forman's One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest; John Sayles' Matewan and Touchstone Pictures’ Blaze. In 1967, he won his first Academy Award® for his work on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and a second Oscar® in 1976 for the Woody Guthrie biography Bound for Glory. He wrote and directed Medium Cool (1969), a visceral snapshot of the social upheaval in Chicago '68 just released by Criterion; as well as Latino (1985), a story about a green beret obliged to work for the Contras in Nicaragua. Recent documentary work includes Who Needs Sleep (2006) about the deadly effects of sleep deprivation; Will the Real Terrorist Stand Up? (2010) about the group of spies sent by Fidel Castro’s government to infiltrate Miami’s right-wing organizations; and Bringing King to China (2011), about the efforts of an American teacher to produce a play in China about Martin Luther King, Jr. Most recently, he completed Medium Cool Revisited (2013) and Four Days in Chicago (2013).