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Shorts 1: City and State - Local Heroes

Shorts 1: City and State - Local Heroes

91 min
Short Films
City & State

A lonely teenage girl in Ecuador travels by bus with her toddler to visit her mother in Girl With Child. Fatal Vittles is a dark, whimsical cautionary tale about 26 things to never, ever eat. The failure of a relationship is told from two sides in How To Abandon Ship. On a dark night, an injured couple is stuck on a remote road in the dead of winter, but the help on its way is not quite what they expected in AB-. A young girl’s feelings about her parents’ breakup come to the surface when she gets her ears pierced in Needle. A man undergoes diagnosis and treatment in a strange hospital in KOFN. Fox The Gambler is a tale of bowling and battling your inner demons. And in a dangerous world where innocence is destroyed, will The Painter survive?

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Paul and Ellen Gignilliat