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2010 — 46th Chicago International Film Festival

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Asleep in the Sun Asleep in the Sun

Lucio loves his wife Diana desperately, but her losing battle with depression prompts him to commit her to an institution in the hopes that their radical methods will cure her. Diana returns home only a few days later, pronounced healthy yet deeply altered by the treatments she underwent. Festival alum Alejandro Chomski creates an atmosphere of disquieting surreality with his arresting, off-center visual style in this Kafkaesque tale of mental illness.

Spanish with subtitles, 83 min.

Brother & Sister Brother & Sister

In this graceful, wryly amusing character study from Chicago fave Daniel Burman (Lost Embrace), two aging siblings

Spanish with subtitles, 105 min.

Carancho Carancho

Sosa, widely known as a carancho (vulture), makes his living as an ambulance-chasing lawyer for an unscrupulous outfit in Buenos Aires, taking advantage of the city’s sky-high rate of road accidents. His budding romance with an ER doctor prompts him to try to help the people he once preyed on, but, in the grand tradition of film noir, Sosa soon finds just how hard it is to make a clean break from his unsavory past.

Spanish with subtitles, 107 min.

I Miss You I Miss You

During Argentina’s infamous, bloody Dirty War of the 1970s, high schooler Javi and his older brother Adrian are swept up in the violence plaguing the country. When the boys are blacklisted because of Adrian’s involvement with the resistance protests, Adrian is “disappeared” and Javi is sent to Mexico to live with relatives. I Miss You is a sensitive portrayal of a boy’s journey into adulthood, complicated by the travails of growing up under a violent dictatorship.

Spanish with subtitles, 95 min.


Blame Blame

Red-eyed and weary from a sleepless night after a funeral, a group of young would-be vigilantes set out to kill the man they believe is responsible for their friend’s suicide. Armed with black masks and a bottle of sleeping pills, they attempt to exact their revenge; but murder cannot afford mistakes or doubt, and this group encounters both. The tension mounts to heart-pounding levels in this unconventional thriller as the youths sort through the tangle of lies that set them on this path.

89 min.

Deeper Than Yesterday Deeper Than Yesterday

Life is brutal and short onboard a Russian submarine in Deeper than Yesterday.

Russian with subtitles, 20 min.

Muscles Muscles

Millie is a testosterone-driven 14-year-old girl who wants to be a bodybuilder in Muscles.

14 min.

Red Hill Red Hill

In this genre-bending Australian Western, city cop Shane Cooper requests a transfer to the remote country town of Red Hill for the sake of his pregnant wife. But with his first day on the job comes the news that scar-faced murderer Jimmy Conway has escaped from prison and is bent on vengeance. As the town whose lawmen were responsible for putting Conway behind bars, Red Hill must prepare itself for his bloody homecoming.

97 min.

Tree, The Tree, The

When a truck driver dies suddenly near his home in rural Australia, his grief-stricken wife Dawn (award winner Charlotte Gainsbourg) struggles with her overwhelming grief, while 8-year-old Simone takes solace in the belief that her father’s spirit has taken refuge in the enormous, enchanting tree that shelters the family house. But when Dawn enters a relationship with another man, the tree’s ominously spreading roots begin to upend the foundations of home and family.

101 min.


Catafalque Catafalque

Two brothers attempt to hide from their tyrannous father in the shadows of a dark basement in Catafalque.

12 min.

Robber, The Robber, The

Based on the exploits of the Austrian criminal known as “Pump-Gun Ronnie,” this pulse-pounding true-crime thriller follows Johann, an impassive, calculating marathon runner, as he conducts a series of daring bank robberies in Vienna. His motivations for doing so are incomprehensible to everyone around him: he neither needs nor uses the money. It seems that, for Johann, pulling a heist is the ultimate sport.

German with subtitles, 97 min.