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2009 — 45th Chicago International Film Festival


International Feature Film Competition
Gold Hugo Mississippi Damned (Director: Tina Mabry)
Silver Hugo - Special Jury Prize Fish Tank (Director: Andrea Arnold)
Silver Hugo - Best Director Marco Bellocchio (Vincere)
Silver Hugo - Best Actor Filippo Timi (Vincere)
Silver Hugo - Best Actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno (Vincere)
Gold Plaque - Best Supporting Actor Michael Fassbender (Fish Tank)
Gold Plaque - Best Supporting Actress Jossie Harris Thacker (Mississippi Damned)
Gold Plaque - Best Screenplay Tina Mabry (Mississippi Damned)
Gold Plaque - Best Cinematography Daniele Ciprì (Vincere)
Gold Plaque - Best Art Direction Vladimir Gudilin (Hipsters)
Silver Plaque Backyard (Director: Carlos Carrera)

New Directors Competition
Gold Hugo Gigante (Director: Adrian Biniez)
Silver Hugo Made in China (Director: Judi Krant)
Gold Plaque Partners (Director: Frederic Mermoud)

Docufest Competition
Gold Hugo Cooking History (Director: Peter Kerekes)
Silver Hugo Racing Dreams (Director: Marshall Curry)
Gold Plaque Soundtrack For A Revolution (Director: Dan Sturman, Bill Guttentag)
Silver Plaque Sex Magic (Directors: Jonathan Schell, Eric Liebman)

Short Film Competition
Gold Hugo The History of Aviation (Director: Balint Kenyeres)
Silver Hugo Good Advice (Director: Andreas Tibblin)
Silver Hugo - Best Animated Short Skhizein (Director: Jeremy Clapin)
Gold Plaque - Best Experimental Short Film Photograph Of Jesus (Director: Laurie Hill)
Gold Plaque - Best Student Short Film Cherry On The Cake (Director: Hyebin Lee)
Gold Plaque - Best Essay Short Film The Illusion (Director: Susana Barriga)
Special Mention - Best Ensemble Performance Short Term 12 (Director: Destin Daniel Cretton)
Special Mention - Animated Short Film Attached To You (Director: Cecilia Actis, Mia Hulterstam, Carin Brack)

Chicago Award Competition
Chicago Award Wet (Director: Brad Bischoff)
Special Mention Girls On The Wall (Director: Heather Ross)
Special Mention An Evening With Emery Long (Director: Brad DeMarea)