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LGBTQ-themed films are no stranger to the Chicago International Film Festival.  From as early as 1969 the Festival has screened edgy, bold and tender LGBTQ films, long before the acronym even existed! With their fearlessly daring subject matter, the films came from the far reaches of the globe - from Israel, Mexico and the Philippines to Germany, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain and the United States. While new back then they were relative unknowns, the directors have become household names and beloved auteurs: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Amos Guttman, André Téchiné, John Cameron Mitchell, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Gus Van Sant and Bill Condon, to name a few. 

The last several years, we have been calling out these films in a Festival section entitled OUTrageous.  And, in 2010 Alan Cumming became our first honoree of the section. This year, we are rebranding the section, to be called OUT-Look, made up of feature films, documentaries and short films and inaugurating a competition with its highest award, the Q HUGO, to be presented at a stand-alone Award Presentation during the Festival.

“From the edgy to the tender, these LGBTQ-themed films fearlessly exhibit new artistic perspectives on sexuality”, states the Chicago International Film Festival’s Founder and Artistic Director, Michael Kutza. “We are proud to be rebranding this section as a competition with an award, highlighting the importance of gay-themed films in contemporary international cinema.”

The Festival accepts entries through July 8, 2013 and takes place October 10-24, 2013

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